Our Bengali eBooks in Aldiko Reader for Android Devices December 20, 2015 18:57

Our Bengali eBooks are best viewed on Aldiko Book Reader on your Android mobile devices (Smart Phones and Tablets). Aldiko is available in the Google Play Store for FREE of charge. 

If your device has Android Market (Google Play Store) app,  you can go to the Android Market (Google Play Store) website ( on your computer or the Android Market Google Play Store) app on your device, do a search for “Aldiko” and then download and install it.

Please note that Aldiko Book Reader application requires devices running on Android OS version 2.3 or above to work on.

Authorize Device with an Adobe ID

When you download Adobe-DRMed eBooks for the first time, you will be asked to authorize your device with an Adobe ID. Authorizing your device is necessary in order to read Adobe-DRMed eBooks. However, you can still enjoy downloading and reading non-encrypted EPUB and PDF eBooks if you decide not to authorize your device .

To authorize your device, just tap on the navigation drawer indicator at the top left corner to go to navigation drawer, select “About”. After that, tap on “Adobe DRM”. If you have an Adobe ID already, just type in your Adobe ID and Password and then tap on “Sign in”. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, just tap on” Register” and you will be linked to Adobe’s  registration page, or you can go to Adobe website here ( to register one.

If you decide not to authorize your device now, you can always do so it at a later date.

Please note that Adobe limits your total amount of authorizations. Each time you authorize your device with an Adobe ID, it counts against your total number, even though you do it on the same device.

Displaying Bengali Font Correctly

To display Bengali font correctly - inside Aldiko you need to turn off the advanced formatting. You can do that by tapping on your device’s display when the eBook is open inside Aldiko, selecting “Tt”, then “More”. After that, deselect “Advanced formatting”.

First Bengali eBook for Kindle Download October 12, 2015 20:32

First Bengali eBook in Kindle format will be available for download from our website. The book will be available free of charge for a limited time. Please checkout the book below.


 Please select the right device type before adding the product to cart as shown below. 

 After you checkout, the book will be available for download as ক্যালাইডোস্কোপ.mobi.

Please download the *.mobi file in your computer and send the same to your kindle device by email. 

Send to Kindle by E-mail

Send documents to your Kindle as an email attachment

You and your approved contacts can send documents to your registered Kindle devices, free Kindle reading applications, and your Kindle Library in the Amazon Cloud by e-mailing them to your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address ([name] Your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address is a unique e-mail address assigned to each of your Kindle devices and free Kindle reading applications upon registration.

How to send a document to your Kindle:

 Please contact us at - if you face any problem.  

How to access our Bengali eBooks on Kindle Fire May 9, 2015 12:29

The best and easy way to read our eBooks in Kindle file is to side-load Aldiko book reader app. 

Downloading and installing directly to your Kindle Fire:

(1) At the top of the Kindle Fire menu, select the Gear (settings) icon and then tap on the “More” icon;
(2) Tap on “Device”, then choose “ON” for “Allow Installation of Applications”;
(3) Open the Kindle Fire’s browser and open the below link: to download the Aldiko app;
(4) When download completes, open the notification bar on your Kindle Fire. Tap on the apk file and then tap on “Install”.

Transferring the Aldiko Book Reader from your computer to your Kindle Fire (a computer and a SD card is needed):

(1) Download the Aldiko Book Reader from our website to your computer;
(2) Transfer the Aldiko Book Reader .apk installation file from your computer to the SD card of your device;
(3) On your Kindle Fire, select the Gear (settings) icon at the top menu, then tap on the “More” Icon;
(4) Tap on “Device”, choose ON for “Allow Installation of Applications”;
(5)  Locate the Aldiko Book Reader app in the SD card of your Kindle Fire, tap on the file to install the app.

Why eBooks are better in the long run? May 3, 2015 22:21

  • Good for trees and environmentally friendly - Except when you print one out—eBooks use very few natural resources. We save trees and help reduce pollution from pulp mills.
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime – If you are travelling, no need to carry a big bag of books anymore. With your everyday mobile devices the books are available at your fingertip anytime anywhere.
  • Geographical reach – We just sold books in UAE, Sri Lanka and France is last few days without travelling to those place.
  • Ease of use – eBooks can be obtained right away after the purchase delivered to your personal device. No need to travel to the bookstore and search through the book selves. With digital search you can locate the book you want in seconds.
  • No out of print – eBooks will never be out of print and always available through digital stores. All rare books are available at your finger tip.
  • Much less cost – eBooks are much cheaper compared to physical books due to savings in production cost.
  • More power to the writer- With the advent of eBooks Authors now have more bargaining power as self-publishing is the new trend.
  • Easily upgraded – One of the big benefit of eBook is that it can be easily upgraded to the new version. In case of physical book the buyer does not get the updates of the new version unless he/she purchases a new copy.
  • Less space - Instead of a bulky library, you can fit literally thousands of books on your computer. It also makes it easier to share this information with family and coworkers.