About Us

We are dedicated to offer best digital publication service in Indian languages and indic scripts.  We created this company to preserve, promote and publish content about the experience, well being and literary work from and by the people of Indian subcontinent. Though we are primarily located in the United States of America our goal is to highlight the global diaspora of Indians, their story through the ages and highlight their achievements through many odds. We know this sounds too broad and never ending. But that is the beauty of it. The experience continue and the story grows. 
Some more Facts: 
1) We have taken this initiative to make Bengali Ebooks available in 52 different countries all over the world through the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The books are made through iBook author with highest quality (these are NOT PDF scans).
2) The Bengali eBook controls are much better and gives you a feeling of reading a book. The price is for the difference in reading experience.
3) This initiative is focused on to publishing digital bengali ebooks legally and make them available all over the world.
4) Converting Bengali books to eBook format is not easy. All the books are manually typed by our team members.