Puja Prakriti

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Acharya Saumyendra Nath Brahmachary would engage in detailed discussions during the entire 'Puja Parva'  sequentially from 'Pitri-paksha' to 'Devi-paksha' and then also covering Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, 'Bhratri-Dwitiya' and finally Jagaddhatri Puja in the CTVN AKD PLUS satellite cable channel. This book 'Puja Prakriti' is a humble attempt to collate and present his precious renderings on this subject. During his lifetime Acharyadev had written the explanation of the theory behind Durga Puja in his book 'Arsha Bani'. But later, he had explained the entire Puja process especially the detailed rites and rituals of Duga Puja in his own words in a lucid language that is understood by all. In this book we have tried to present his words while retaining his characteristic communication style in conversation mode as far as possible. This is part of a spiritual tradition following the lineage of the Masters ('Guru parampara'). In the first book 'Puja Tattva', the Great Master 'Paramguru' Brahmarshi Satyadev explained the theory behind the Pujas from his realized wisdom. His principal disciple Shrimat Narendranath Brahmachary came up with 'Mantra O Puja Rahasya' which became very popular and handy for worshippers. His worthy successor Shrimat Saumyendra Nath  Brahmachary  offered  a  simpler  yet  scientific   and spiritual explanation of the procedural aspects of the Puja. Hence this book has been named as 'Puja Prakriti'. It is a collection of his lectures and discourses originally complied in Bengali by his disciple Kaberi Mukherjee along with a complete English trans-creation by Shri Sanjoy Mukherjee, also a disciple of Acharyadev, so that the words of the Acharya on Puja may reach people from other linguistic backgrounds for their understanding. We feel that this initiative will help spread his well thought out ideas and messages to a much wider section of the readership. We hope that once this book reaches your hands you will be able to prepare yourselves mentally and spiritually and feel doubly exalted and inspired in the invocation of the Mother. May the blessings of the Divine Mother be the portals in our pathway to the arena of worship – this is the ardent prayer of Her children.